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Seven steps for career success amid inflation, supply chain issues … and, now, talk of recession

Keep your eyes and mind open It’s important to keep our eyes and minds open when it comes to inflation, supply chain issues … and more. These days, pundits and pragmatists alike are using the “R” word, recession.  Eight months…

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Weekend Poll Results: From A Great Upheaval to The Great Reshuffle

How people are doing In a Weekend Poll a few weeks ago, I again asked readers questions about how and what you’re doing at this point in our pandemic lives. I published some of the results late last month, and…

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How workplace communications are evolving

How do you typically communicate with colleagues? If I’d asked you this question a couple of years ago, you’d likely have mentioned a mix of communication styles. A majority of you may have held most conversations or communications with your…

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Astute assistants keeping an eye on supply chain, inflation and travel

Travel, inflation and more: What should assistants anticipate in 2022? Hello, readers. I’ve been itching to carve out time and publish more for you than I have lately. In addition to my webinars, I presented at three conferences last month…

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