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Weekend Poll Results: Progress to Be Made With Onboarding

It’s a good thing I’m offering an Onboarding webinar on February 21st! While some organisations have good systems in place, only 53% of respondents’ offices have documented processes in place. Read on for full details of readers’ responses.

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Join Shelagh for Onboarding Webinar

FEB 21/19: HOW TO MAXIMIZE VALUE FOR NEW COLLEAGUES WHILE SAVING YOUR SANITY – Shelagh is proud to present this Feb 21/19 Onboarding (Induction) webinar in conjunction with fellow Canadian Rhonda Scharf and ON THE RIGHT TRACK ™

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Weekend Poll Results: Onboarding Experiences and Recommendations

How well equipped were you when you landed in the starting blocks for your current job? With thanks to all who participated, here are the results of my latest weekend poll.  My third annual poll on assistants’ onboarding This marks the…

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Weekend Poll: Onboarding to Your Role

Like me, you may know one or more assistants who have recently begun new jobs. Do you remember the first couple of weeks in your current role?  Onboarding ideally begins before day one The interview process is an opportunity for a…

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