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The pandemic’s impacts on assistants around the globe

More of Shelagh’s conversations with professional association leaders around the globe In yesterday’s post, I brought you opening thoughts from leaders of international and domestic professional associations. Today, we’re looking at the pandemic’s impacts on assistants and others, whether you’re…

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Pandemic insights from professional association leaders

A global check in I live in Vancouver, Canada and published an article yesterday, May you live in interesting times, providing a look at some of the pandemic’s impacts where I live. That post also included a link to a timely…

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May you live in interesting times

May you live in interesting times You may recognise this old saying, which sounds positive but can be intended otherwise. Well, we certainly are living in interesting times. In Vancouver, Canada, you know things are dire when the posh hair…

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Does COVID-19 have you preparing to WFH? Here’s a checklist

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had home offices as idyllic as the one in this image? I know that’s not the case, and that many assistants right now have eliminated their commutes and find yourselves working from their…

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