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Weekend Poll: Your Influence on Purchasing/Procurement

For the second consecutive year, we’re looking at assistants’ influence on corporate purchasing. I was prompted to ask these questions last year, after Real Careers alumna Kemetia Foley told me about an instance in which sales reps for an international company declined…

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Weekend Poll: Could You Walk Away from Social Media for a Week?

Before embarking for a vacation lately, one of my readers posted a friendly note to social media to let people know she was going to do some “online detoxing” while travelling for a couple of weeks. This got me thinking…

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Weekend Poll: Could You Last A Week Without Social Media?

Conversation with another admin. professional this week turned to peer networks, and I mentioned the great community of people I enjoy on Twitter. This led to a brief chat about the value of different social media channels, which I explored here last Fall…

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Weekend Poll: Shopping

No, not that kind of shopping!  Let me explain. I was delighted to spend time last month with Kemetia Foley, whom I interviewed for yesterday’s Real Careers feature. We discussed an instance in which sales reps for an international company declined repeat…

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