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Weekend Poll: Do You Get Enough Sleep?

With Daylight Savings Time this weekend, many people will give up an hour of the day. For some, this can impact sleep patterns. How well do you sleep, and do you make it a priority?

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Weekend Poll: Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Do you sleep like a baby (or like some parents would hope their little ones would sleep!), or do you wind up counting sheep?  This nightly nourishment supports good physical and mental health. It also impacts our capacity to learn, as molecular…

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Weekend Poll: Do You Stand Up for Yourself in the Office?

Now, before you start looking for questions about self advocacy, I should let you know that this marks my second annual poll on the use of stand desks in the office. In fact, I published the first poll on this topic…

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Weekend Poll: Do You Sit or Stand at Your Desk?

This is a question we wouldn’t even have considered asking a few years ago. However, times are fortunately changing. Is your workplace changing with them? The American Journal of Preventive Medicine is among those bodies that have reported on associations between…

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