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What makes a good boss?

Today, I’m taking readers back to the results of my 2018 Weekend Poll on the topic – and you can watch for the 2019 iteration of this particular poll in the near future!

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Podcast: Qualities of A Good Boss – And A Good Working Relationship

What constitutes a good boss? What qualities do you value in your principal (aka boss)? Today, I’m taking a look at what readers had to say about such qualities. We begin with recognition of the multiple demands on those in…

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Shelagh’s First Podcast: May You Live In Interesting Times

Now you can read or listen to my thoughts I’m delighted to begin bringing you my thoughts over your speaker or headphones, as well as your screen. With each podcast, I’ll share my thoughts on topics of relevance for readers…

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Weekend Poll: What Do You Look for in A Boss?

May you live in interesting times Are you familiar with this phrase? Some call it a curse, but I call it a fact of life. Think of the changes in office environments in recent months and years. A number of…

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