Dashlane Password Manager & Digital Wallet

Think, now. How many times have you changed you a website or portal password in the past year because you have so many that it’s hard to keep them straight?

Or perhaps you’re among those who resort to ridiculously simple passwords, in the hopes no one will ever want to hack into your particular world. If that’s the case, or if you use the same password across a number of spectrums, you may want to consider means by which you and your employer can reduce vulnerability.

PC rates a number of password managers, and Dashlane is among the highest ranked. You’ll find this app helps you take a best practice approach to frequent password changes. The good news is that you won’t need to remember them any longer, as the system will enter those apps for you. On the flip side, as with other technological tools, this is one less occasion to keep your brain nimble through self reliance for such information.

 A note: All price quotes reflect those in place at date of publication. You’ll want to check security and cloud implications, as well as pricing in your own currency, before downloading. 


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