Keeper Password Manager/Digital Vault

Think, for a minute, about all the website logins you use and the PINs (personal identification numbers) on which you rely in a single week. Do you turn to the same password, or slight variations, across the board?

Perhaps you’re among those who resort to simple or intuitive passwords, in the hope no one will ever want to hack into your particular world. If that’s the case, or if you’ve had to change website or portal passwords simply because it’s hard to keep them all straight, perhaps you’ll want to consider an electronic (digital) password manager.

Keeper is among a group of password managers that are highly rated by PC . Have a look, and see if this is a resource for you or your organisation.

Keeper Password Manager

 A note: All price quotes reflect those in place at date of publication. You’ll want to check security and cloud implications, as well as pricing in your currency, before downloading. 


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