Social Media and Technology: In Praise of the Personal Touch

With thanks to Bianca Constance from the USA, Michela Luoni from Italy, Julia Schmidt from Norway, Diana from Germany, Jennifer Corcoran , Karen Johnson and Matthew Want from England,  we’ve spent the last few weeks exploring social media. You’ll find each of the articles by following the Tech/Social media drop-down menus at the top of your screen.

There’s no doubt that social media affords us previously unavailable capacity to connect, share information and even (for those who follow Exceptional EA on Twitter) enjoy great fun with desk drawers.

Let’s Not Forget Another Form of Technology

Remembering that “technology” is just another word for “tool”, it’s worth remembering that we needn’t lose touch with another bit of technology – the pen.

John D. Shaw, in his Real Careers interview, mentioned that he finds sending handwritten notes to be a more personal touch. As you’ll see from the contents of my home stationery drawer, pictured on this page, I’m firmly in John’s camp. In addition to this little inventory, I also make art cards featuring original photographic images of plant life and scenery from home and afar.

In Support of The Personal, Handwritten Touch

I think that one form of technology needn’t negate the other, and that both have their place.

Where do you stand on this? I know some people in their twenties who are increasingly uncomfortable with cursive writing, and for whom mailing correspondence is a rarity. Many would also offer that social media is highly personal, in that you can share thoughts, pictures and timely information in the blink of an eye.

I do suspect, though, that John and I are not alone in this approach. On that note, let’s leave closing thoughts on this social media series to Berlin’s Diana.

Diana - Germany“The digital time era is fascinating, but at the same time scary to me. Do we define ourselves only over those channels? Who has the most followers, the longest friends list and so on? Does this really matter the most? To some people, it sure does – which is alarming to me.

And don’t we all feel sometimes that we should simply grab the phone and call our friends or write a nice letter?

I wonder how many of you still write letters? I send letters only for birthdays and Christmas. I really enjoy buying nice cards, especially at Christmas, and writing personal messages over a hot cup of tea with my best pen. It’s a pity this happens only once year and I keep telling myself each year, ‘Diana, you should do this more often instead of writing an email or posting something on Facebook’.”

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