What to expect

An informed thought leader and compelling speaker

Yes, that’s me. A lifelong learner, I draw not only on my career experiences but also on formal training to design and deliver educational sessions that resonate with audiences.

I’ve been a trainer for a national company, and have delivered inspiring and relevant presentations to groups ranging in size from a dozen to a few hundred, in different sectors and countries.

I understand assistants’ needs because I’m one of them, and because I stay in touch with assistants around the globe through my Weekend Polls. Having led and been accountable for effective teams, I also understand employers’ needs.

Whether it’s a conference keynote or workshop, or an in-house or association-sponsored training event, I focus on your needs with a specific goal in mind.

My goal

My goal is to help admin. professionals perform at a high level in careers they enjoy. This benefits not only the people in the room, but also their colleagues and  employers.

Encouraging accountability and strategic thinking

I present on a range of themes, including cybersecurity, communications, career management, minutes, networking, organisational skills, social media for the wary, your professional presence, and working with boards.  For a detailed portfolio, feel free to send me an online request.

In advance of your event

You can expect me to ask questions about goals, expectations, and challenges to be overcome. I’ll listen, and then draw on my extensive experience and engage in research as I tailor a presentation to your specific needs.

Sharing word of your event if that’s your wish

I choose my speaking commitments thoughtfully, and am happy to support conference and event organisers by sharing word of these collaborations on my website and on social media. If you’re planning an in-house event and prefer to keep the profile internal, I’m equally happy to honour that decision.

Click here to see some of my 2017 and 2018 engagements

Credibility across sectors, and across the org chart

I’ve worked in corporate environments, and in the unionized public sector. I was in the office next to the corner office in my early twenties, working with a COO, before becoming a trainer for the company.

I left the corporate world to focus on our young family before re-entering the admin. career in my thirties. Starting all over again in a smaller city, opportunities were thin on the ground. I positioned myself much lower down the org chart, and in a unionized environment.

Before long, I was a supervisor. I’ve lived in the world of conflict resolution, and dealing with difficult people – and have also had the pleasure of working with outstanding teams. I worked my way back up the org chart, and firmly believe that admin. professionals should be proud to perform at a high level in whatever job title suits a given stage in life, or economic cycle.

In other words, I’ve walked the walk; audiences and I relate to one another.


Working full time, I accept a limited number of engagements each year and give them everything I have. I respect the investments of time, aspirations and finances that individuals and employers make when it comes to professional development, and provide you a solid return on investment.

My commitment

We can have fun with learning, but I take the outcomes seriously. If we decide to work together, you can expect prompt follow up and training that is engaging, pragmatic and relevant.

If you would like to explore potential for me to present at one of your upcoming events, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Click here for my online request form to let me know you’d like to have a discussion.

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