Lifelong Learning


Lifelong learning opens doors

Increasingly, employers are recognizing the impact and influence of effective Administrative Professionals (APs), and employment opportunities and postings call for varying degrees of post-secondary education.
Whether or not you possessed such credentials when you landed your job, consider the benefits – on both the career and personal fronts – to be had by working ongoing education into your life. Consider credit courses, technical workshops, webinars and conferences, along with self-directed learning, mentorships, professional associations and journaling (more on that to follow) as among the myriad of opportunities to keep your mind and spirit strong.

I try to carve out time every week to scan journals and online resources, and reading forms an important part of my ongoing professional development. I find that this disciplined approach to maintaining currency adds to both my resiliency and value in the workplace. How do you engage in lifelong learning?

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