Exceptional EA: A Little Milestone, and Progress Ahead

Exceptional EA turns a month old today, and I’m writing with thanks and a repeat welcome to all my early readers.

With an intent to build a solid base of posts before sharing news of the blog with friends and peers near and far, I’ve to date shared its URL with only a half dozen people at opposite ends of the country.

Assistants and Administrative Professionals (APs) hold and hone skills that are not only transferrable from one sector to another, but also portable from one province, state or country to another, and so I established Exceptional EA with an international readership in mind. It’s been gratifying, then,  to see that readers are turning to Exceptional EA  from not only Canada, but also Australia, India, Slovenia, Spain, the UK and the US.

A bit about readership, and what I know about you: readers can readily visit Exceptional EA anonymously, and others have chosen to subscribe to, or follow, the site at no cost. While technology is amazing and lets me know the countries from which my readers are logging on to this site, I receive information about individuals only when you choose to subscribe to Exceptional EA. When you subscribe, this wonderfully automated site then sends you a “New Post” e-mail alert and link when I publish a new article, and limits the information it sends me to a simple message advising that a reader, with “x” e-mail address, has subscribed to the site. You can also follow Exceptional EA on Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to 17 posts to date on topics ranging from time management, preparation of minutes, resumes in the LinkedIn era, job searches and interview preparation to lifelong learning, journaling, taking control of your career and more for Assistants of all titles, I introduced another element to the site a couple of weeks ago: thoughtful words from others in the form of quotes for each day of your work week.

In between working, writing for you and all the good stuff that represents work-life balance, I’ve turned to Brandon Millward, a talented young artist I’ve known since he was four years old to work on logo development, and so you’ll soon see Exceptional EA taking on a new look. What won’t change is my focus on providing Administrative Professionals, whatever your level of experience and stage of career, with a resource that you want to regularly read and recommend to colleagues, peers and friends.

Thanks for joining me!


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