Feta Pinwheels – The Exceptional EA in the Kitchen

This is a tasty canapé, easy to prepare and one you may well find devoured even by those who think they don’t care for either cranberries or feta cheese.

I first tasted these at a summer time baby shower, prepared in whole wheat tortillas and with chopped sweet onion. The first time I tried the recipe in our kitchen, I switched to the milder flavour of green onions and, when we serve this rather rich treat at December holiday gatherings, I use the green/spinach tortillas to play on the festive colour theme.

This is yet another recipe that you can prepare a day or so before an event; then, shortly before your guests arrive, or before you depart with this appetizer as your contribution to a gathering, all you need do is remove the rolls from the refrigerator, slice the pinwheels and place them on a serving plate.


IngredientsFeta Pinwheels 1copyright Shelagh Donnelly

  • light, spreadable cream cheese -1.25 cup /approx. 275 g
  • feta cheese – 1 cup / 250 g, crumbled
  • “Craisins” (dried cranberries) -3/4 cup / 170 g, chopped
  • green onions -1/4 cup / 50 mL finely chopped
  • spinach tortillas – four large

PreparationFeta Pinwheels 4 copyright Shelagh Donnelly

  1. Combine the two cheeses, craisins and green onions in a mixing bowl, stirring well
  2. Using one quarter of the mixture per tortilla, spread the mixture on four large tortillas

Feta Pinwheels 3 copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Refrigerate before serving

  1. Roll each tortilla and wrap individual tortillas in plastic
  2. Place the four rolls in the refrigerator for at least an hour; I’ve prepared the rolls as early as a couple of days before an event
  3. Unwrap each roll and slice in bite-sized portions. Enjoy!

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