Sending Warm Thoughts to Readers Braving Extreme Winter Weather

One of the pools at Montelucia Resort and Spa, with Camelback Mountain just out of sight … Is it any wonder many of us in northern climes dream of travelling at this time of year?

Readers in many areas of North America have been dealing with truly cold weather, freezing rain/ice storms or snow and, in some cases, power outages and more – a result of a polar vortex, a phenomenon that is more typically restricted to areas around the north and south poles.

Eastern North Americans are experiencing wind chills and bracing themselves for some of the lowest temperatures experienced in decades; some readers may experience temperatures as low as -51 Celsius / – 60 Farenheit. Up to 60 cm / two feet of snow have fallen in some locales, and more than 3,000 flights have been cancelled already today; many schools are closed and residents in several US states have been encouraged to stay indoors for safety.

In the UK , in contrast, people in some areas have been experiencing high wind, tides and rain – and even a flood warning for southwest England. Hail storms have damaged some roads and rail lines, and people who recently experienced nine-meter / 30 foot high waves are now facing predictions of waves up to 15 meters / 50 feet today.

So, here on the west coast of our continent, I’ll happily embrace our blue sky and projected highs of 7 Celsius / 45 Farenheit today … and am sure that Exceptional EA’s readers in tropical climes, and those enjoying milder weather, join me in sending readers in cold and wet locales good thoughts for returns to relative norms, and gentle sunshine ahead.

yellow arizona flower and blue blue sky Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

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