A New Year’s Dip

Call it a dip or a refreshingly chilly cleanse, however you like to view it!

How was your start to 2015? Now that I’ve made it through a busy first week back at work, it’s time to show you how 2,310 of us rang in 2015 in Vancouver – with an audience estimated at 15,000. We crazy Canucks (and visitors from other countries) rang in the new year with yet another Polar Bear swim, the 95th such annual event for Vancouverites. We were clearly too relaxed in our approach this year to popping over the bridge and snagging a parking space. January 1st was a cold but breathtakingly beautiful day, and so the crowds  up on the beach and roadside above English Bay were massive. As a result, we had perhaps two minutes to spare between registration and the signal to race in to the waters.

This is clearly not the place to be if you’re uncomfortable in a crowd, but where else could you find such an eclectic bunch? Fellow celebrants ranged from the sombrero-wearing stretcher surrounded by the sensibly bundled, to the wig-wearing Cher lookalikes and other fashionistas mixed in with baristas, bunnies and Santa. We wore New Year’s Eve-style attire the first time we did the Polar Bear swim, and later learned that our photo appeared in an eastern newspaper. Since then, in the interest of warming up as quickly as possible after racing out of the water, we’ve stuck to bathing suits.

The great thing about Vancouver’s Polar Bear Swim, now in its 95th year, is the range of people who take the plunge. You’ll see families, couples, friends and solo dippers all converging on this beautiful beach for the sheer fun of it – and then you have the more sensible people watching from above the beach and from the comfort of their boats. There’s no charge for registration, and those who present themselves, dripping wet from the waters, are rewarded with badges we pin on with pride – and somewhat shaky fingers! Dippers who bring food bank donations to the Cactus Club on the beach are given the comfort of steaming hot coffee or hot chocolate.

Vancouverites aren’t the only Canadians who mark the new year with a polar bear swim; have a look at fellow blogger Sue Slaight’s site to see how she and others in Calgary took an even colder dip. If you’d like to get an up close feel for Vancouver’s Polar Bear swim, there are a number of YouTube posts such as this one, where the actual run for the water starts at about the four-minute mark.

However you chose to mark the outset of 2015, here’s hoping you make a great year of it!



7 Comments on “A New Year’s Dip

  1. Look at all of those people!! The Calgary event has only been going for 6 years so hopefully one day it might look a bit more like Vancouver’s. Thank you so much for sharing the link to our ‘swim’. Very much appreciated.

    • Hi again, Sue, and yes – what a crowd! I’d say your fellow Calgarians are courageous to have been braving that degree of cold for six years running. 🙂 My pleasure re the link, and I’ll think of you NEXT January when running in to the *balmy* waters of Vancouver.

      • I’m not sure I can promise to do this again. 🙂 I will be there volunteering at the very least.

      • Most people would think once was sufficient :), but I won’t be surprised if we see a similar post this time next year.

      • Time will tell. 🙂 Perhaps you could try Calgary’s icier challenge instead of English Bay. 🙂

      • Thanks, but I’m a coastal girl – so will instead send good wishes to folks involved in the icier challenge. 🙂

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