Achieving Your 2015 Goals: Consider a Tech-Nudge

A what? Bear with me just a moment here …

Before expanding on tech-nudges, let’s check in on the past few weeks. We wound down 2014, hopefully enjoying some good company and festivities along the way. Before you knew it, you were mapping out, with great enthusiasm, a modest – or heady – resolution or goal or two for the year ahead.

Back in the office, the first few days of quiet productivity likely gave way to the usual crush of activity, with the result that last month’s holidays may already seem a distant memory.

Now, we’re approaching February and we’re practically eight percent of the way through 2015. Where do you and your goals stand?

If you developed a plan and progress checks for this year’s goals, good on you. If you’ve followed through on the steps needed to achieve your goals, even better. If you’re like many, though, your 2015 goals are still hovering in the air. You’re mindful of them, and may have begun preliminary steps to achieve them. Or, perhaps creating the necessary changes to achieve your goals seems an unachievable dream and, at this stage in the game, you’re inclined to just swat those goals (and your lack of progress) out of sight.

Whether your goals are career-specific or reflect an element of work:life balance, it’s up to you to achieve them. No one else can do it for you.

If you’d like to build in a gentle nudge to reinforce a goal, or the steps you must take to achieve it, consider how frequently you make use of passwords in your daily life. Whether it’s logging on to your computer, unlocking your smart phone or screen, a voicemail password or other security system, most (not all!) of our passwords are engrained in our minds.

Since we spend so many of our waking hours at the office, let’s start there. Consider the impact if you changed just one password, the one you use to log in and unlock your screen.

Choose a phrase that reflects your goal, or one of the steps you must take to achieve that goal.

The bonus of such an approach is that you’ll likely be tightening the integrity and security of your password while also repeatedly reinforcing your intent to create change or achieve a specific goal.

With 92% of the year still ahead, it’s never too late to start or rededicate yourself to a goal. Here’s to your personalised version of Exercise2day, Reflectingmybrand?,  promotionforme$, learnMore, increasemileage, expandnetwork15, resistpop2day, getminutesdoneRiteaway, earncredential, g1veback2others, Smell!life’sroses, beachready2015, qualityoverquantity, FamilySaturdayz, 32pairofshoesareenough, projmanagement4me, takestairs2day, save4condo, payd0wnRmortgage, holidayoverlatte, hometime=mytime … or whatever password reinforces your unique intent!


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