Vocab Builder: Perspicacious

If you’ve visited Exceptional EA more than a few times, you’ll have read about how attitude, voice, work ethic, the appearance of your office and more all contribute to your personal brand.

Another element we’ve not yet touched upon is vocabulary. While there’s no need to use a two-dollar word when a 25-cent word will suffice, this post will launch a series of vocabulary builders that I hope you find useful.

Perspicacious is an apt place to start, as this word could be used to describe some of the most valued assistants and managers – even if the actual term isn’t found in their performance reviews. Whether or not you’d like to toss the word around, it is something to which you might aspire. If you’re perspicacious, you bring acute discernment and understanding to the workplace (and other environments, natch), and may be able to see through the less than obvious in a given situation.

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