A Little Change at Exceptional EA: How to Access Thoughts for Your Day

With thanks to Sonia from London, England for her tweets this morning, it’s timely to mention a new approach to presentation of my thought for your day feature …

Five days a week, readers turn to Exceptional EA to see thoughts for the day combined with a pleasing floral image. This week, I’ve begun combining the two – and this leads to a slightly different approach for followers of my site who receive their notifications of new posts by email.

Until this week, email notifications appeared with the text of such quotes, but not the photo. Now, you have both with one click, as I’ve begun embedding these thoughts for your day within my photographic images.

To access both when you receive an email notification, just click on either the title of the post or “Read more of this post” to see the full post – photo and thoughts.

How to get your thought for the day

Of course, you can also follow Exceptional EA on Twitter, where you’ll find both the text and image in the notification.

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