Tech Tuesday: Tomatoes and Productivity?

What, you ask, do tomatoes have in common with time management and productivity?

Well, the answer is plenty – once you know that pomodoro is the Italian term for tomato, and that innovator Francesco Cirillo built a time management strategy, Pomodoro, around his tomato-shaped egg timer.

If you studied piano in your youth (and if that youth predated the advent of smartphones!), perhaps your practice routine included use of an egg timer to ensure the disciplined dedication of an alloted period of time to focus on scales or a particular piece. Translate that intent to your workplace, and you have Pomodoro. If you’d like a quick look at how this app may be useful in your world, click here to see what I’ve learned, or follow the drop-down menus above; you’ll want to hover over Technology/Apps … and click on Pomodoro.

A note: All app price quotes reflect those in place at date of publication; you’ll want to check prices, in your own currency, before downloading.

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