Weekend Poll Results: Guess Which Aspects of the Job Readers Most Value?

With thanks to all my readers who are participating in my Weekend Polls feature, here are the results of this past weekend’s poll, which I’ve now closed. The question: 

organised desk copyright Shelagh DonnellyWhat aspects of your job do you most value?

The ask: Participants were provided a list, and asked to identify up to five aspects they most value.

The results

Respondents cared most about the relevance of their roles, and capacity to make a difference. Close behind were appreciation/a sense that one’s contributions are valued, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Readers also valued their organisations’ successes, and bank accounts and benefits are clearly a factor, as compensation packages also landed in the top five.

How do these responses compare with what you value at this point in your career? Are you there for the compensation, the travel, the peer networks and professional development, or the leadership? Or is it the capacity to make a difference on your top five, as well?


       Participants were asked to select up to five of the following options

  Relevance of role/capacity to make a difference 14.5%
  Appreciation/recognition; a sense that my contributions are valued 12.5%
  Professional/personal development – opportunities for growth 12%
  Supporting the success of others/the organisation 10%
  Compensation package 7%
  Autonomy 5%
  Social interaction with clients/colleagues/peers 5%
  Travel – opportunities for 5%
  Leadership/vision of the department/division/organisation 5%
  Nature of position: variety/absence of routine 5%
  Other* 4%
  Education – capacity to draw upon credentials/knowledge 3%
  Event management/coordination 3%
  Nature of position: strategic 3%
  Workplace culture 3%
  Geographic location 2%
  Nature of position: communications- or PR-focused 1%
  Career advancement/promotion – potential for 0%
  Nature of position: routine 0%
  Project management 0%

* Other: respondents cited “travel”, “peer networks”, “peer to peer relationships” and “relationship with boss”

This Friday: another poll

Check back this Friday for the next weekend poll, and share your insights with readers around the globe.


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