Travel Bumps: Waking Up to Men on Scaffolding Outside Your Third Floor Window

Tweeting with one of Exceptional EA’s Real Careers alumni about upcoming travel plans (and her husband’s astute career choice in that industry) made me reflect on all that we gain through travel …

… and so I begin this with an acknowledgement: Those of us fortunate enough to travel beyond the regions we call home are the lucky ones, for we’re exposed to new ideas, cultures and vistasOthers would ache to have such trivial issues in their lives.

Sometimes, though, we’re exposed to things we’d rather avoid: delays or cancellations, sloppy service, over bookings or missing luggage. Landing in Lisbon for almost a month of travel on another continent with no luggage. Or renting a private condo across the street from beautiful Miami Beach – only to find men on scaffolding outside your third floor window as you were about to embark on your morning yoga routine!

The good travel experiences greatly outweigh the bad, and even the bad fade with time – or provide learning opportunities. They can also bring out the best in travel providers; click here to read more, and I’d love to hear how someone helped you smooth over travel bumps you may have encountered.

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