Weekend Poll Results: Readers’ Administrative Career Paths

With thanks to all my readers who are participating in my Weekend Polls feature, here are the results of this past weekend’s poll, which I’ve now closed. 
The question: How is it that you became an admin. professional?

The results: Participants were provided a list, and asked to select the most appropriate answer. More than a third of respondents (37%) intentionally built administrative careers, and did so through a combination of approaches: 8% undertook formal studies to acquire related credentials, and another 29% established such careers through ongoing skills/professional development and experience.

Another 25% of respondents began their administrative careers as an interim or short term plan that proved to be a good fit. Yet another 21% did not intend on administrative careers, but were offered or fell into an administrative position that worked out.

For 13%, the choice was economically or labour market driven, and another 4% selected “other” reasons for such a career path. How do these responses compare with your experience?


 Intentional career path, built through ongoing  skills/professional development and experience 29%
 Originally an interim/short term plan that proved to  be a good fit 25%
 Unintended career path; offered/fell into an admin.  position and it worked out 21%
 Economically or labour market driven 13%
 Intentional career path, reflecting formal studies and  acquisition of one or more related  credential 8%
 Other 4%
 Family/portable career/longer term goals within same sector 0%
This Friday: another poll

Check back this Friday for the next weekend poll, and share your insights with readers around the globe.


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