Weekend Poll Redux: Travel Planning

With apologies to readers who already completed the weekend poll I published earlier Friday, will you please re-submit your responses below in this replacement poll? Mea culpa; I realised after the fact that my original methodology would lead to skewed percentage reporting, and have closed and cancelled the original poll. 

Have you already read today’s Real Careers profile of Germany’s Angela Parker?

Angela  is EA to the Management Board at PFAFF, and she’s responsible not only for reviewing and providing recommendations on international contracts, but also for travel. Angela has standardised travel organisation within her office, and maintains profiles for all her travellers. Have a look at profiles of other Real Careers alumni, and you’ll find a wealth of experience and tips for arranging travel for yourself or your executive(s).

With travel in mind, will you please join me in Exceptional EA’s newest Weekend Poll? This is an opportunity to express your perspective, and share with readers around the globeThis weekend’s question:

How do you manage travel for your executive(s)?


Please take a minute to complete the poll below, and you’ll also see an opportunity at the top of this post to “Leave a Comment”.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say, and it will be interesting to check back and see how your experience compares to others’. You may well find more than one answer is appropriate for a given question. Go ahead and “tick” whichever responses apply, and then click “vote” after each of the nine questions.

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