It’s Begun; the First Christmas 2015 Event Invitation, Oh, My!

Party Planning Time Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Oh, my. I don’t know about you, but receiving an invitation yesterday to a Christmas-themed event threw me for a loop … for a few seconds, until I realised this was a London, England restaurant’s fun way (see below) of hosting an event to showcase their Christmas menus and book a few parties. 

event invite… and who better to invite to such events than assistants, office managers and the like, all of whom may hold responsibility for planning corporate or other events. Although I love visiting London, it would have been a stretch to pop over from Vancouver for the day, and so I sent my regrets with a (seasonal?) chuckle.

The invitation did get me thinking, though. Of course my readers who are responsible for event planning and coordination of seasonal celebrations will already be paying attention to such matters. If this is part of your role,  you’ll know that it really is that time again, and you may already have your venue booked … even if you’re holding off on music and menu selections.

Another thought: how many organisations call December gatherings Christmas parties or, as is the case in a number of workplaces, holiday or seasonal celebrations?

Watch for more on this topic in this Thursday’s Weekend Poll, when I’ll invite you to share your thoughts and the benefit of your experience with readers around the globe.

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