Social Media: Why Do Bianca, Diana, Jennifer, Julia, Karen, Matthew and Michela Use It?

Anecdotally, I’ve been aware since first publishing Exceptional EA that many of  the readers who turn to websites such as this for professional development also choose to steer far clear of social media.

In contrast, if you follow this site’s Real Careers series,  you’ll have seen that many other admin. professionals carve out time daily for social media. It’s part of their routine, and many credit social media with helping shape and grow their professional networks.

As someone who has intentionally limited her past excursions into social media, it occurred to me that readers may appreciate hearing different peoples’ perspectives on why and how they use various channels. With this in mind, I’m delighted to have been able to tap in to the expertise of some of Exceptional EA’s Real Careers alumni, as well as Twitter afficionado and freelance Executive Assistant/Virtual AssistanKaren Johnson.

Follow the drop-down menus under Technology or click here to see the first article in this series featuring Berlin’s Diana, Italy’s Michela Luoni, London’s Jennifer Corcoran and Karen Johnson, New York City’s Bianca Constance, Norway’s Julia Schmidt, and Staines’ Matthew Want.

 Social media image courtesy of mkhmarketing

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