Public Speaking: Does It Scare You Witless?

West Point Grey Skeleton Copyright Shelagh DonnellyOn a scale of one to 10, how frightening do you find public speaking?

If you’re comfortable with standing up in front of a group and sharing your message – and a number of us are in this camp – good on you.

Many, though, are petrified by the concept. If you’re not so comfortable with the notion, you’re in very good company; many people  turn down invitations to speak in front of an audience, even if they’re experts on a given topic.

If the thought of presenting in front of your networking group or colleagues at the office is holding you back, you may be limiting yourself – but you likely already know that. The real question is whether you’re ready to face such fears and tackle them head on.

Public Speaking: Telling Your Story

If you’d like to explore building confidence in public speaking, start by following the drop down menus at the top of your screen (Career/Public Speaking/Telling Your Story), or by clicking here to read my article.

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