Would you rather climb this mountain, or step up to the podium?

Grouse Grind 5310 Copyright Shelagh DonnellyThat’s right. Podiums where you feel the glare of the spotlight as you step up to the microphone. Earlier this week, I asked if public speaking is a piece of cake for you, or scares you witless.  

I know people in both camps, and some readers have acknowledged on LinkedIn and Twitter to being in the latter.

The next question is, what would it take to get you up to that podium?

Or, if you’ve tried public speaking but find it a challenge, how can you keep moving forward in honing your presentation skills? Well, let’s think about how you’ve gone about honing your administrative skills: you study, you network, you read great blogs, you practice, you watch and listen to those whom you respect, and you practice some more. You make mistakes, and you learn from them.

In today’s article, which you can find via the drop down menus under Career (Career/Public Speaking/Learn from the Best), I’m exploring how you can develop your public speaking skills by learning from some of the best. Click here for the article.

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