Weekend Poll: Awards, Anyone?

Living in Vancouver, it’s not unusual to walk or drive past a movie or television set. If you don’t know someone who works in the industry, you likely know someone who does know someone else who makes their living in that feast or famine world.

I popped in to a store down on West 2nd Avenue a couple of weeks ago only to find half the block set up for production on iZombie, and there were earmarks of another production down the hill from my office earlier this month. Seeing coded directional signs for various productions on your drive to or from work, it’s easy to become a little blasé about having such luminaries at your beach, or in your general neighbourhood.

I find it difficult, though, to fathom being blasé about all the admin. professional luminaries being recognised recently in the UK, or the types of awards ceremonies being hosted in London and elsewhere.

Forget about Hollywood’s awards season; it seems that our British friends are on a roll. This week it was the inaugural Manchester PA of the Year awards, where Real Careers alumni Debbie Grimshaw and Jane Brazzill (being featured this Friday in Real Careers) as well as other readers such as Lesley Ward were among the award winners.

What appears to have been a gala evening was preceded a couple of weeks earlier by the SecsintheCity PA Awards. In September, there were the We Are the City (WATC) Rising Star awards. The 50 recipients of WATC’s 2015 honours, which go beyond this sector, were presented their awards at the House of Commons. More Real Careers alumni were shortlisted or award recipients at these two ceremonies, and I’m fairly certain that I’ve missed other awards opportunities that have recently recognised our counterparts’ successes.

As we stretch toward the end of another week at the office, will you please join others in this weekend’s poll? This is an opportunity to express your perspective, and share with readers around the globe. I’m wondering if readers in other countries have similiar opportunities for professional recognition, and so here you have this weekend’s question:

Are there opportunities/awards competitions for professional recognition in your area?


Please take a minute to complete the poll below, and if you also have comments to share, click on the “Leave a comment” option at the top of your screen to post to leave a comment. Or, follow your poll by clicking on the “Contact Shelagh” tab above, and I’ll preserve your anonymity. I look forward to hearing what you have to say, and will publish the results on Monday.

“Select” whichever responses apply, and remember to CLICK on the golden “VOTE” ICON after responding to each question.

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