Weekend Poll Results: Competing for Professional Recognition

ResultsWould you like the opportunity to compete for awards that reflect recognition of your professional skills and contributions? It turns out that, while 78% of respondents to my most recent Weekend Poll find such honours meaningful, only 42% have access to them.

11% percent of respondents do not find such awards meaningful. For those who do, however, what’s the motivation? Employer or sector recognition, networking opportunities, enhancing one’s resume, peer recognition and opportunities for growth were selected in almost equal numbers by respondents.

If you’ve been wondering how to go about establishing such awards in your region or country, read on to see how other awards programs are sponsored. Here’s a breakdown of what people are thinking, reflected in percentages of total responses.

Are there opportunities/awards competitions for professional recognition in your area? Fewer than half the respondents could reply affirmatively.
  • 53%: No
  • 42%: Yes
  •  5% of respondents selected “Other”; one wrote, “Depends on the company. At the German bank, it’s not offered!”
Hmm. So, how are such competitions sponsored? Here’s what respondents had to say:
  • 38% : combination of sponsors from various sectors
  • 30.5%: professional association or network
  • 18.5% selected “Other”, and their comments included, “We do not have PA or EA awards in Norway”, “no such awards in our area”, and “n/a”.
  • 13%: private business sponsorship
Have respondents been nominated, or competed, for such an award?
  • 47%: Yes
  • 41%: No
  • 12% of respondents selected “Other”. Comments included, “no such opportunity”, “n/a” and “no such awards”.
After the nomination process: what percentage of respondents have been shortlisted for, or awarded such an honour through competitions?
  • 47% have been shortlisted or awarded the honour for which they were competing
  • 41% have not
  • 12% of respondents selected “Other”. Comments included, “n/a; no such awards” and “no such opportunity” .
Such awards and ceremonies are meaningful to the majority of respondents.
  • 78% of respondents find the awards/ceremonies meaningful
  • 11% of respondents do not find the awards/ceremonies meaningful
  • 11% of respondents selected “Other”. Comments included, “They would be if we had them” and “They would be if they were offered”.
What’s the advantage of letting one’s name stand for such professional awards? 

The top five responses below were selected by respondents in almost equal numbers, with the final three responses receiving a lesser number of nods.

  • Employer/sector recognition
  • Networking – opportunities for connecting with peers
  • CV – being shortlisted or winning an award reflects well on my resume
  • Opportunity for growth – the process requires putting myself forward and/or stretching beyond my comfort levels
  • Peer recognition
  • Compensation – a sense that being shortlisted or winning may be beneficial to negotiations
  • I love winning prizes!
  • “Other” – with a respondent writing, “It depends on the award”


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