Coming Tomorrow: An Interview with Lucy Brazier and Matthew Want

This year, I’ve had the privilege of showcasing individuals and administrative careers from around the globe. Busy people have been generous with their time and insights, and I also appreciate the approaches from individuals who contact me to explore potential to share their careers.

In the last half year, we’ve made virtual trips to seventeen countries and heard from dozens of professionals about their careers. My Real Careers series will return early in the new year and, in the interim, I have some other treats lined up for readers.

I’m delighted to launch a new series, Real Partnerships, in which I’ll be interviewing a limited number of high performing business partners. Understanding firsthand the importance of a solid working partnership between an admin. professional and her/his executive or principal, I’ve turned to a team many readers know – if not in person, then through their work.

Lucy Brazier is Publisher, Editor and CEO of Executive Secretary Magazine (and a world traveller, in the process), and Matthew Want is Personal Assistant to Lucy.  Check back here tomorrow for my interview with Lucy and Matthew, as we learn together from assistants and executives who are getting this partnership piece right.


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