Urban Sanctuary: Lumpini Park, Thailand

I promised readers I’d keep you posted on this month’s travels, and am beginning with a sanctuary in the heart of Bangkok, whose population was estimated at 8.5 million last year.  If you’d like to see more of this park, click here to read about our afternoon at Lumpini.

Lumpini Park Family 8686-2016 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

You can also check on other spots I’ve visited, by following the links under the Travel section of my site. 

2 Comments on “Urban Sanctuary: Lumpini Park, Thailand

  1. Loving all of the posts! Please post ocean photos! B.Lou

    • Thanks, B. Lou, and will do in a week or so. In the interim, the next batches will show Bangkok’s Grand Palace, the city’s street food, night life and more.

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