Weekend Poll Results: Perks of the Job

Thanks to all who participated in my latest weekend poll. This weekend’s question:

What kind of perks are available to you through your workplace?

Read on to see the different types of perks your peers enjoy – and how others’ responses compare to yours. While it appears that spa services truly are the stuff of dreams, you’ll see that people do enjoy and benefit from a number of other significant niceties.


Spa, Fitness CentrePhysical Health: Does your employer provide access to fitness classes, a gym, team or club?

  • Yes: 65% of respondents
  • No: 35% of respondents

I-Spa, InterContinental HK Copyright Shelagh DonnellyMental Health: Does your employer provide access to services that support good mental health?

  • Yes: 80% of respondents
  • No: 20% of respondents

Yan Toh Heen InterContinental HK Copyright Shelagh DonnellyFood: Does your employer provide food services?

  • 41% of respondents: Yes; we have a cafeteria/dining area, although we pay for our meals
  • 41% of respondents: No
  •  9% of respondents: Yes; we have a cafeteria or food services for which the employer is financially responsible
  • 9% of respondents selected “Other”; comments included, “We have a heavily subsidised staff restaurant” and “50% cost each”

Coffee Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Beverages: Does Your Employer Provide Water/Coffee/Other Beverages for Employees?

  • Yes: 80% of respondents
  • Yes, but at employees’ cost: 15% of respondents
  • No: 5% of respondents

Technology Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Technology: Does your employer provide hardware you use outside the office?

  • Yes: 79% of respondents – 45% selected “Yes” and another 34% selected “Other” and listed hardware to which they have access, with all the following items identified by one or more respondents
    • iPad
    • Laptop (comments included, “A laptop to work from home on boss’ day off”)
    • Phone (mobile/smartphone)
    • Surface (comments included, “I have a Surface, I had option of phone as well but use my own phone)
  • No: 21% of respondents


Conference 6893 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Formal Education: Does Your Employer Support Such Opportunities?

  • 64% of respondents: Yes, in the form of time and financial resources
  • 18% of respondents: No
  • 18% of respondents selected “Other”; comments included, “Only if you really press the issue and for select people”, “But not for support staff” and “For our lawyers – not really for PAs”

Networks/Professional Associations: Does Your Employer Support Your Participation?

  • 30% of respondents: Yes, in the form of membership fees and time to attend meetings, events
  • 26% of respondents: Yes, in the form of time to attend meetings/events
  •  4% of respondents: Yes, in the form of membership/event fees
  • 26% of respondents: No
  • 14% of respondents selected “Other”; comments included “Never asked for a financial contribution, just time off”, “No fees are covered. Flexible with time to attend morning events not full days” and “Only breakfast meetings not full day meetings – need to take holidays to attend”

Transportation/Parking: Does Your Employer Provide or Subsidize Transportation or Parking? Please note: I inadvertently deleted results received within the first 30 hours of the poll, so the following is representative of responses from that point forward

  • 56% of respondents: Yes; parking is provided free of cost
  • 22% of respondents: No
  • 11% of respondents: Yes; we have subsidized transit
  • 11% of respondents selected “Other”; one respondent wrote, “Yearly train ticket at 50% cost each”


Conferences: Does Your Employer Support Your Participation?

  • 36.5% of respondents: Yes, in the form of time, registration expenses, travel and accommodation
  • 18% of respondents: Yes, with some financial support
  •  9% of respondents: Yes, in the form of time off
  • 27.5% of respondents: No
  •  9% of respondents selected “Other”; comments included, “I take personal time off for that” and “Mainly free conferences. I have not been supported re ACEPA course”


Time Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Flexible Scheduling: Does Your Employer Provide Options?

  • 41.5% of respondents : Yes; my hours are flexible
  • 37.5% of respondents: No
  • 21% of respondents selected “Other”; comments included, “This flexibility reflects the need for me to attend many evening meetings”, “Flexible = come in early and leave late”, “to a degree – exception rather than the rule”, “Not feasible as a business to work flexible hours”, and “Full 10 hrs a day”


Do You Get Extra Paid Time Off During Holidays or For Your Birthday?

  • 75% of respondents: No – with two thirds of these people selecting the “No; are you kidding?!” option
  • 25% of respondents: Yes

Toddler at Beach Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Parental Leave: Does Your Employer Provide Compensation/Time Beyond That Required by Legislation?

  • 53% of respondents: Yes
  • 47% of respondents: No

Onsite Child Care: Does Your Employer Provide Access?

  • 85% of respondents: No
  • 10% of respondents: Yes; parents assume full responsibility for costs
  •  5% of respondents: Yes; my employer partially subsidizes the costs

Skating at Grouse Mtn Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Social/Other Clubs: Does Your Employer Sponsor Any?

  • No: 52% of respondents
  • Yes: 48% of respondents, with 10% of all respondents selecting “Other” and providing comments including, “Choir, Pilates, Art, Walking, Running” and “It hosts various social events itself for staff members”


Cannon Beach Corgis 15-6384 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Is Your Employer Pet-Friendly?

  • 82% of respondents: No
  •  9% of respondents: Yes
  •  9% of respondents selected “Other”; comments included, “Unless you’re the senior partner – then you can bring your dog to work” and “I work in his house. He has a cat. I don’t have pets.”

I-Spa InterContinental HK Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Spa Services: Does Your Employer Sponsor/Provide Any?

  • No: 95% of respondents, with 52% of total respondents having selected the “No; you really must be kidding” option
  • 5% of respondents selected “Other”; comments included, “But we do have reflexologist/sports injury person visit our office and provide” (respondent ran out of space; you can anticipate intent of the response)

Other Perks: Do You Have Access to Any Other Perks Not Already Listed?

  • 58% of respondents: No
  • 42% of respondents: Yes, with 21% of all respondents selecting “Other” and listing perks as below
    • Benefits include 50% back on massage/chiropractor costs; wellness coaching
    • season ticket loan, lease car scheme, cycle to work scheme (ran out of space)
    • We have an onsite library
    • Dry cleaning services
    • Internet cafe
    • Free fruit
    • Online shopping discounts

Employee Discounts/Preferred Rates: Do You Enjoy Any?

  • 62.5% of respondents: Yes, with 16.5% of all respondents selecting “Other” and listing discounts/preferred rates as below
    • I work at a credit union and we have no-fee access accounts, and other discounted fees
    • There is an NHS discounts site which we have access to
    • Negotiated discounts with a number of retailers & organisations
  • 37.5% of respondents: No

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