No Fooling Here on this April First; Just Catching Up and Offering Travel Recommendations

Here’s to April, and more sunny days ahead! I can’t believe it’s already a month since I returned from Asia. Re-entry to the office after a lengthy holiday has been good, but the last four weeks have been full and I’ve not published as much as I’d have liked in March. For those of you who have kindly mentioned you’ve been missing my Real Careers interviews, thank you and not to worry; they’ll be back again soon.

For today, though, I thought I’d start by telling you about a great Hong Kong hotel I visited at the tail end of the trip. Imagine, if you will, enjoying the view below from your hotel room window. If you’ve been dreaming of visiting this dynamic locale, or plan to send your executive there some time soon, click here to read about my stay overlooking Victoria Harbour.

Victoria Harbour from IC HK Copyright Shelagh Donnelly







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