Weekend Poll Results: Packing for Conferences

With thanks to all who are participating, here are the results of this past weekend’s poll, which I’ve now closed. This poll’s focus:

Packing for Conferences: Do You Travel Light, or Tip the Scales?

 The results: Readers are an organised bunch, and reported  little challenge with deciding what to pack. While many tend to pack on the light side, roughly one in five respondents has a fairly full piece of luggage. Read on for full results.

I asked readers to rate their packing for conference travel, on a scale of 1 (challenging; what to bring?) to 5 (piece of cake; I know just what I need). Here’s what respondents said.

  • 1 : 0% of respondents
  • 2: 0% of respondents
  • 3: 11% of respondents
  • 4: 56% of respondents
  • 5 : 33% of respondents

Next, we looked at volume, again asking for ratings on a scale of 1 (minimalist) to 5 (suitcase may burst!). The results:

  • 1 : 11% of respondents
  • 2: 37% of respondents
  • 3: 26% of respondents
  • 4: 21% of respondents
  • 5: 0% of respondents
  • An additional 5% of respondents selected “Other”; one wrote, “Depends on the weather!

Honestly, now, do you usually wear more than half the clothes you bring to conferences?

  • 78% of respondents said yes
  • 17% of respondents said no, but it’s always good to have options!
  •  5% of respondents selected “Other”. One wrote, “I take exactly what I need to wear including one extra just in case if needed”

True or False: I know what I’ll wear to conference sessions and social events. I never second-guess myself and change outfits before leaving my room.

  • True: 61% of respondents
  • False: 33% of respondents
  • Another 6% of respondents selected “Other”. One wrote, “Business & casual smart”.

Do you typically go clothes, shoes &/or accessory shopping when away at a conference?

  • 72% of respondents said no
  • 17% of respondents said yes
  • 11% of respondents selected “Other”. Comments included, “Sometimes when the opportunity arises” and “Depends on which city – may buy souvenirs …”

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