Weekend Poll Results: Peak Productivity

With thanks to all who are participating, here are the results of this past weekend’s poll, which I’ve now closed. This poll’s focus:

At what point in your work day are you most productive?

The results: Roughly a third of respondents identified themselves as being consistently productive throughout the day. More than half, though, find morning to be their most productive time, while we also have some night owls among us. How do people recharge when they find their productivity lagging? Walking and getting away from the desk are key. Read on for detailed results and consider how you might reorganise your workload to take full advantage of your periods of peak productivity.

 Is your productivity generally consistent throughout the day?

  • No: 67% of respondents
  • Yes: 33% of respondents

If your productivity varies at different points in the work day, when are you most productive?

  • Morning: 55% of respondents
  • Afternoon: 18% of respondents
  • Mid-day: 9% of respondents
  • Evening: 9% of respondents
  • Another 9% of respondents selected “Other”. One wrote, “It depends on whether I had evening meeting the previous day.”

I asked how you recharge when you find your productivity dropping. Here’s a look at responses; where there’s duplication of themes, I’ve not duplicated exact wording, but am instead presenting themes, most of which involved getting away from your desk.

  • Take a power break from my desk for five minutes / take a short break
  • Power nap
  • Take a break from the computer screen
  • I take a short break, or a short walk get some fresh air, & a cup of green tea
  • Walk away from the desk! Take a brief breather and go for a walk/walk away to refresh.

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