Packed Liked Sardines Outside the Portuguese Club

It’s street festival season in Vancouver. After this morning’s stroll to the Kits Farmers’ Market for fresh berries, kale and other greens, we’ll spend the afternoon on Broadway to celebrate Greek Day.

The weekend before last, we were down on Commercial (“the Drive”) for Italian Day 2016. The event draws huge, diverse crowds of all ages each year, and 2016 was no exception.

People watching is half the fun, and there’s also live music. It’s clear, though, that people are also there for the food – which isn’t limited to Italian cuisine.

In what must be a lucrative annual event, the men and women of the Portuguese Club of Vancouver  club fire up the barbeques and spend the day tending to crisp, salty sardines …

Portuguese Club of Vancouver Sardines

… and I can only imagine how many delicious half chickens.

Chicken and Sardines Poruguese Club Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

As soon as one rack comes off the barbeque, another goes on.

Portuguese Club Barbequed Chicken Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

It’s little wonder this also seems to be home to the longest – and happiest – lineups each year.



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