Weekend Poll Results: Brexit Aftermath

With thanks to all who participate, here are the results of this past weekend’s poll. The focus?

How is Brexit/the UK referendum outcome impacting you?

The results

I asked readers if they were pleased or displeased with the outcome of the June 23, 2016 UK referendum. While no respondents reported being pleased with the outcome, 36% expressed having mixed feelings and 64% expressed displeasure.

Brexit image

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All respondents reported that they stood by their votes. What of the impact on households? With “1” representing insignificance and “5” representing a critical and stressful impact, half the respondents selected “1” and the other half selected “3”. Using the same rating scale to describe the referendum’s impact on their workplaces, there was a broader range of scores.

I listed five potential impacts and asked readers to select those they anticipated. Personal finances and then trade were most frequently identified, followed by sociological, emotional and then mobility/visa impacts. 30% of respondents see the impacts as positive, while 70% view them as negative.

Who responded? 60% of respondents identified themselves as from the UK, 10% from Europe and 30% from elsewhere.

The Data

Are you pleased or displeased with the outcome of the June 23/16 UK Referendum? 

  • Ambivalent – I have mixed feelings: 36% of respondents
  • Displeased: 64% of respondents
  • Pleased: 0% of respondents

IF you participated in the referendum: Do you stand by your vote, or would you vote differently if given the opportunity? 

  • 83% of respondents: I stand by my vote to remain a member of the EU
  • 17% of respondents: I stand by my vote to leave the EU
  • Note: While this question was directed to referendum participants, 33% of total respondents selected “Other” and explained that they did not participate in the vote or were not eligible to vote. I counted only those respondents who voted in calculating percentages in the two bullets above.

On a scale of 1 (insignificant) to 5 (critical and stressful), how much of an impact has the outcome of the UK Referendum had on your household? 

  • 5: 0% of respondents
  • 4: 0% of respondents
  • 3: 50% of respondents
  • 2: 0% of respondents
  • 1: 50% of respondents

On a scale of 1 (insignificant) to 5 (critical and stressful), how much of an impact has the outcome of the UK Referendum had on your workplace? 

  • 5: 0% of respondents
  • 4: 10% of respondents
  • 3: 10% of respondents
  • 2: 40% of respondents
  • 1: 20% of respondents
  • Another 20% of respondents selected “Other”. Comments included, “Too early to tell at present” and “Difficult to tell as full implications not known, likely to be 5”.

I asked readers what kind of impact(s) you think the referendum outcome will have upon you/your region or country.  Here are your responses, in descending order of frequency of selection.

  • financial – personal impact
  • trade
  • sociological
  • emotional
  • mobility / visas

Do you see such impacts as positive or negative? 

  • negative: 70% of respondents
  • positive: 30% of respondents

Next, I asked respondents where they live. 

  • UK: 60% of respondents
  • Europe: 10% of respondents
  • Elsewhere: 30% of respondents

Lastly, I asked if the outcome has impacted your thinking about where you would like to live. 

  • No: 50% of respondents
  • Yes: 40% of respondents
  • 10% of respondents selected “Other”. One respondent wrote, “to be English”.

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