Weekend Poll Results: Procedures Manuals

With thanks to all who participated, here are your responses to my question … Have you created a procedures manual for your current role? 

 You’ll remember that this question follows on the heels of my Weekend Poll on the quality (and duration!) of orientation/ onboarding / induction you received when you were new in your current role. A major takeaway from that previous poll was that readers encouraged provision of procedures manuals.

 More than 73% of respondents have created or are maintaining/working on a procedures manual

All but 16% of respondents have been working on or maintaining a procedures manual, or otherwise documenting procedures.

What’s holding back those who haven’t been working on procedures manuals? 

For the majority who don’t have a manual in place or underway, it’s a matter of time or workload. Other factors? Some find the prospect overwhelming, or don’t know what to include.


Have you created or contributed to a procedures manual for your current role?

  • Yes; I’ve created one: 37% of respondents
  • Yes; I’m working on one: 26% of respondents
  • No: 16% of respondents
  • Yes; I’ve been updating the manual I received when I started the job: 10.5% of respondents
  • No, but I have been documenting procedures: 10.5% of respondents


If you don’t have a procedures manual, what’s holding you back?

  • It’s a matter of workload/time: 62% of respondents
  • I find the prospect overwhelming: 15% of respondents
  • I don’t know what to include: 8% of respondents
  • 15% of respondents selected “Other”. Comments included, “Have a manual in place” and “It’s a living document broken into bite size chunks”.

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