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Did you know that you can share travel information, Weekend Polls, and Real Careers interviews with colleagues on Pinterest? You can also follow my Thoughts for the Day board and share your favourite quotes.

Real Careers

You can access all my Real Careers interviews and more on Pinterest. Here’s one more way to dive in and share insights from administrative professionals around the globe. Follow me on Pinterest, where you can save pins and interviews you find particularly relevant to this stage in your career.

Weekend Polls

Exceptional EA's Weekend Polls on PinterestYou can also find my Weekend Polls, and their results, on another of my Pinterest boards.

My Fav Hotels: Properties and Brands

Hotels Shelagh Adores - On Pinterest

Thinking about travel, for yourself or your principal? You know by now that I love exploring the globe (we’ll be flying to Toronto and then back to New York City again in just a few weeks), and so I have a special board highlighting some of my favourite properties.

You’ll also find a number of boards specific to travel I’ve enjoyed in a number of cities and countries; boards appear in alphabetical sequence.

A Little Extra Inspiration

Thoughts for Your Days - Exceptional EA

I love it when readers find my Thoughts for Your Day meaningful enough that they retweet or otherwise share them on social media. Did you know you can save individual quotes or follow the board?

Feel free to share this link with others you think may also appreciate these weekday nuggets of inspiration.


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