Trick or Treat: Weekend Poll Results

Readers know that my Weekend Polls typically focus on career-related matters. Occasionally, as with this past weekend, we turn to other topical matters. This weekend’s focus:

Do you celebrate Halloween?

No assumptions: With readers in more than a hundred countries, I didn’t want to make any assumptions as to whether the occasion is celebrated in your respective areas. However, 87% of respondents reported that Halloween is celebrated where they live, and 61% personally mark the occasion. One reader wrote, “It is becoming more popular, because of the American military in this area”.

How you celebrate: As you’ll see in the data below, people give out candy (more so at home than in your offices) and dress themselves and/or their children in costumes. Trick-or-treating, the practice of going to neighbours’ homes to collect candy, is part of the tradition.

In my workplace, colleagues in some departments went all out with costumes. Claudia, pictured above, was part of a “Back to the Future” themed group of co-workers; she was a glam Marty McFly’s mum. There were also cowgirls and other characters, and the team from one department did a walkabout in their clever and colourful pinata costumes.

Interesting characters at your doorsteps:  Readers expected neighbourhood kidlets would appear in a range of costumes. Some were traditional (animals, ghosts, pirates, princesses and pirates) costumes, while others reflect the recent Pokémon craze, and movie or political characters.


Do people in your area typically celebrate Halloween? 

  • Yes: 87% of respondents
  • No: 7% of respondents
  • 6% of respondents selected “Other”. One person commented, “It is becoming more popular, because of the American military in this area.”


Do you typically celebrate Halloween?

  • Yes: 61% of respondents
  • No: 39% of respondents


Next, I asked how readers who do celebrate Halloween mark the occasion. Here are your responses, in order of frequency of mention.

  • I give out candy at our home to trick-or-treaters
  • We decorate the office
  • I will don a costume
  • Our kids wear costumes to school
  • At the office, we have candy and/or give candy to local children
  • I’ll be going to one or more Halloween parties
  • Our kids go trick-or-treating


I also asked readers to describe the types of costumes you expect at your door this year. Here’s what you said.

assorted animals … crayons / boxes of crayons … Disney characters … Donald Trump / political figures / “Hillary, Donald and other equally scary creatures” … Dracula … Elvis … ghosts … ghouls … Harry Potter characters … hippes … mummies … pirates … pokémon characters … popcorn … princesses … skeletons … super heroes … “sadly, too many scary costumes” … trolls … vampires … Waldo (of “Where’s Waldo?”) … witches … Wizard of Oz characters


Do you carve your own jack-o-lantern, or rely on a plastic, pre-decorated one you plug in?

  • We grow or buy a pumpkin and carve it ourselves: 71% of respondents
  • We have an artificial jack-o-lantern that we can plug in to an outlet for effect: 29% of respondents


Lastly, readers described decorating you do (or used to do) for Halloween. Pumpkins/jack-o-lanterns topped the list, and here are other responses.

  • We decorate with pumpkins, pumpkin & ghost lights, candy corn lights
  • We decorate our front door and porch with faux cobwebs, a scarecrow and hay bales
  • We decorate our front door and entry way – cobwebs, etc. plus jack-o-lantern
  • Earrings to work!
  • Jack-o-lanterns, cobwebs, witches
  • Bales of hay, scarecrow and cobwebs plus spiders on front porch

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