Brightening December Skies: Lights at Lafarge

There’s a reason we have an abundance of greenery in Metro Vancouver. While there are hints of snow in next week’s forecast, it’s our rain that’s been on a lot of minds lately. As of three days ago, the official count was that it had rained here for all but five days during the months of October and November.


That’s why it’s an extra special treat, at this time of year, to enjoy seasonal displays of light.


Yesterday, I was in Coquitlam for an  afternoon event. As the function wound down, we emerged from the building to dark skies … and a gorgeous spectacle of colour all around Lafarge Lake.


My initial reaction was to pull over and enjoy a quick glimpse, but that was before realising this display had elements of Alice in Wonderland on steroids. We decided to forgo plans to head directly home, and instead enjoyed a leisurely walk around the City’s annual December extravaganza.


We were in good company, too. There was an impressive assortment of people and pooches enjoying the sights, but there’s enough space that you could enjoy the visual treats without feeling crowded or rushed to press forward.


This is an annual event, but yesterday was my first visit to the impressive display. I didn’t have my SLR camera with me, but think these shots will give you a sense of the memories to be made with a walk around the lake.

Lights at Lafarge extends into January 2017, and you can learn more about special events over the next few weeks by clicking here. This year marks the first time that the display wraps entirely around the lake, covering 1.2 kilometre. You’ll find traditional Christmas displays, as well as a fantasy forest and different themes around practically every bend of the lake. There’s something for everyone, but I loved Walk on the Wild Side – which will appeal to any gardener, and any lover of Lewis Carroll’s works. With the Evergreen Line beginning operations December 2nd, you can hop on rapid transit that will drop you lakeside. Now, just imagine how amped up the magic of these displays will be if we get any snow that lasts!



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