Weekend Poll: Succession Planning for Assistants

Your organisation’s CEO is likely charged with ensuring a succession plan is place, not only for her or his role, but also for the executives one level down on the org chart. 

Any good board of directors will require that such plans are in place for the CEO and, at minimum, other members of their organisation’s C-Suite. Potential candidates have likely been identified, and development plans established. If there are no current internal candidates for a particular role, then it’s likely that environmental scans are done to assess how competitive your organisation and its compensation packages are when it comes to recruiting externally.

Building on My 2016 Weekend Poll on the Same Topic

What of your role, though? Has any thought been given to how you might be replaced should you win the proverbial lottery?


Life’s a beach – what if you decided to leave your job?

Are plans in place should you decide to make a change? Or, is there a general assumption that you’re a “lifer”, someone who will work him/herself to the bone, giving your all to the organisation no matter what, regardless of personal ambitions or external interests?

Not everyone will want to stick around forever and, right or wrong, there are perceptions that not all demographic groups will follow trends set by some Baby Boomers who used to stick with an employer for life. For that matter, not all employers stick with their employees for life!

While I don’t personally know any big lottery winners, the day may come when you’re ready to jump into a new opportunity, or a new phase of life. For other admin. professionals, health issues or a family member’s care needs may drive the decision to leave one’s role. Are you and your organisation prepared for that possibility?

Succession Planning: What If You Left Your Role?


Please take a couple of minutes to complete the poll below. As always, I look forward to hearing what you have to say and will publish the results on Tuesday.

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