Weekend Poll Results: Assistants’ Workplace Wellness

With thanks to all who participated, here are the results of my latest weekend poll. Our focus: Do you take responsibility for wellness in the workplace?

Walking Meetings

… are a concept with which almost 66% of respondents are familiar, yet only 25% have participated in such meetings. Only 7.5% of those who participated in this Weekend Poll have held walking meetings, but the poll prompted 25% of respondents to think it’s time to do a bit of research on the topic.

The idea is simple. Instead of sitting together around a desk or table, you get up and go for a walk.  Harvard Business Review cites research that suggests people think more creatively by virtue of walking. Creative thinking aside, the act of getting up off a chair and engaging in physical activity is a positive.

Weather permitting, get away from that climate-controlled office and soak up some fresh air while you’re at it! Do you think you might give it a try?


Off to the gym

… or engaging in some other physical activity during the work day is something that roughly one in three respondents do. 24% of you have initiated fitness or gym activities for colleagues.

What about your workplace eating habits? On a scale from 1 (“not at all healthy, and I know it”) to 5 (“I focus on healthy eating; this is very important to me”), more than two thirds of respondents rated their habits at 4 or 5 out of 5. Almost 19% of respondents said their eating habits in the office are fair, and another 13% acknowledge that their habits are poor, and they want to do better.


27% of you are members of internal assistants’ networks

… which means that a high percentage of respondents’ workplaces are missing out on a great opportunity. A number of respondents made it clear that they’re the sole assistants in their workplaces but, for those of you who aren’t in that situation, it’s worth looking into the benefits of such networks.

I’ve initiated internal networks at both my current place of employment and at my previous organisation. Have a look at some of the articles I’ve written on the topic; you’ll find them in the drop-down “Networking” tab under the Develop Your Career tab above this article.


Note: Information below reflects the percentage of respondents who selected specific responses from multiple choice options, and/or offered comments.

Are you familiar with the concept of walking meetings? 

  • Yes: 66% of respondents
  • No: 34% of respondents

Have you participated in walking meetings? 

  • Yes: 25% of respondents
  • No: 75 % of respondents

Have you initiated or contributed to implementing walking meetings in your workplace? 

  • No: 67.5% of respondents
  • No, but I’m thinking it’s time to do a bit of research on the topic: 25% of respondents
  • Yes: 7.5% of respondents

Do you typically participate in fitness/gym activities during your work day? 

  • No: 59% of respondents
  • Yes; I do so once or twice a week: 18% of respondents
  • Yes; I do so up to three times a week: 8% of respondents
  • Yes; I do so four times weekly: 2.5% of respondents
  • Yes; I do so daily: 5% of respondents
  • 7.5% of you selected “Other”. Readers offered comments as follows.
    • I do physical therapy 4 times a week after work.
    • I used to in Canada, now in UK
    • Attenpting/planning to but I don’t succeed

Have you initiated any fitness/gym activities for colleagues in your workplace? 

  • Yes: 24% of respondents
  • No: 71% of respondents
  • 5% of you selected “Other”. One reader commented, “Tried pilates but can’t get the time away from office”, and another wrote, “In the process of developing a wellness programme”.

On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you categorise the healthiness of your workplace eating habits? 

  • 1 – Not at all healthy, and I know it: 0% of respondents
  • 2 – Poor, although I want to do better: 13% of respondents
  • 3 – Fair: 18.5% of respondents
  • 4 – Pretty good most of the time: 55.5% of respondents
  • 5 – I focus on healthy eating; this is very important to me: 13% of respondents

Have you advocated for healthy options in your cafeteria? 

  • Yes: 40% of respondents
  • No: 60% of respondents

Do you belong to part of an internal assistants’ network within your organisation? 

  • Yes: 27% of respondents
  • No; there is one, but I don’t participate: 5% of respondents
  • No; we don’t have one: 65% of respondents
  • 3% of you selected “Other”. One reader commented, “I´m the only assistant at our company”.

Have you advocated for, or initiated formation of an internal assistants’ network at your workplace? 

  • Yes, and it was successful: 10.5% of respondents
  • Yes, but we’re not there yet: 18% of respondents
  • No: 53% of respondents
  • 18% of you selected “Other”. Readers offered comments as follows.
    • Already in place
    • I work alone. We’re a small company.
    • No, I’m the only assistant at work
    • There are no other assistants.
    • I’m the only assistant
    • n/a I’m the only Assistant
    • (It) already existed

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