Weekend Poll: When Are You Most Productive?

Self awareness is a good thing, and comes into play with time management.

How so? Well, if you’re a morning person and at the top of your game while others are still waiting for a jolt of caffeine to help them shift into gear, you may find it helpful to allocate the early part of your day to more demanding tasks. The night owls among you may flip the scenario, and block time late in the afternoon to review analyses or policies, or have those important conversations.

However, it’s unlikely that a high percentage of admin. professionals  have complete control over how their days unfold. You may plan your day around your executive’s schedule, and early morning or evening meetings will impact energy levels at different points in the day.

That needn’t preclude you taking some control over how you manage blocks of time over which you do have some autonomy. For example, I attend a number of evening meetings. On such nights, it can easily be 9:00 o’clock and later before I’m home. Even though I’m one of those people whose mind is in gear before I’ve taken a few steps in the morning, I make a practice of not scheduling any critical activities for the mornings following evening meetings.  I like to recharge and ease into more demanding aspects of the subsequent day.

This leads us to the focus of this Weekend Poll:

At what point in the work day are you at your most productive?

Please take a couple of minutes to complete the poll below. As always, I look forward to hearing what you have to say and will publish results on Tuesday. This builds on my 2016 Weekend Poll on the same topic, and I’ll include year-over-year (YOY) data in the results.

“Select” whichever responses apply, and remember to CLICK on the “VOTE” ICON AFTER EACH QUESTION.

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