Weekend Poll Results: My Name is “X”, and I’m Addicted to Social Media

With thanks to all who participated, here are the results of my latest weekend poll. Our focus: Could you last a week without social media?

72% of  respondents spend more than an hour on social media a day

When you consider that many people use social media not only to stay in touch with family and friends, but also to follow news and world events, that doesn’t seem unreasonable.

To put usage into perspective, consider some stats from assorted sources. Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper (which I usually access through apps on my smartphone and iPad) has reported that 500 million tweets are sent each day. As of this year, Facebook is estimated to have more than 1.94 billion active monthly users … and several sources estimate that people collectively watch more than a billion hours of YouTube videos each day. That’s right; a billion hours’ worth every day.

Instagram is said to have 400 million active users each day, and these people collectively post more than 80 million photos daily. I’ve read estimates that LinkedIn has 467 million users, and that Pinterest has over 150 million monthly users. These are some serious numbers, and I suspect that the estimate of  300 million monthly Snapchat users will rise, as many people of a certain generation or two continue to flee social media channels once their parents have made them uncool through their participation!


Social media before coffee or breakfast

That’s the case for a significant percentage of people. Think back a decade or so ago. Is this all that different from picking up the newspaper outside your front door and having a good read to start your day? When I asked what time of day you’re most likely to use  social media, the time of day that the highest percentage of readers cited was evening/after work. 31% of respondents, on the other hand, said they are likely to turn to social media throughout the day and evening.


But could you go a week without it?

I know some readers who would have no problem going a lifetime without it, and two percent of respondents selected the option that reads, “Of course; I don’t use it at all”.  A full 59% of respondents reported that they could go a full week without social media. Another 39% of you either said no, or offered comments that suggested it would be missed if they did go cold turkey.

I got a kick out of a couple of tweets this Weekend Poll generated Saturday afternoon. I’m not including these readers’ names below, but they know who they are … and are likely in very good company.

  • ” High % use social media 3-5 hours a day but could go without it for a week. Don’t think so!! Seems I’m addicted
  • “My name is *** and I’m addicted to 😂📱💻

I’ll be incorporating some of these poll results in tomorrow’s article in my Digital Disruption panel series. In the meantime, for full results of this weekend poll, read on!


Note: Information below reflects the percentage of respondents who selected specific responses from multiple choice options.  In instances where more than one person offers similar responses to an open ended question, I typically cluster or paraphrase such responses rather than duplicating all of them.

How much time do you estimate you spend on social media on a given day?

  • 1- 15 minutes: 9% of respondents
  • 16 – 30 minutes: 15% of respondents
  • 31 – 60 minutes: 4% of respondents
  • 1- 2 hours: 28% of respondents
  • 2 – 3 hours: 20% of respondents
  • 3 – 5 hours: 17% of respondents
  • More than 5 hours:  7% of respondents


What time of day are you most likely to use social media?

  • 37% of respondents: In the evening/after work
  • 16% of respondents: In the morning, before work
  • 12% of respondents: At various points in the work day
  •  4% of respondents: On my lunch and/or coffee breaks
  •  31% of respondents: All of the above


Do you typically turn to social media before having coffee/breakfast?

  • Yes: 59% of respondents
  • No: 41% of respondents:


Do you typically check social media in the last half hour before you go to sleep?

  • Yes: 66% of respondents:
  • No: 34% of respondents:


What’s the longest period you’ve gone without social media in the last week?

  • 1 – 3 hours: 16% of respondents
  • a half day: 28% of respondents
  • one day: 23% of respondents
  • two days: 12% of respondents
  • three – six days: 14% of respondents
  • a full week: 5% of respondents
  • 2of respondents selected “Other”. One person commented, “When they weren’t invented, probably”.


Could you go a week without social media?

  •  Yes: 59% of respondents
  • No: 25% of respondents
  • Of course; I don’t use it at all: 2% of respondents
  • 14% of respondents selected “Other”. You’ll see these readers’ comments below.
    • I use it for business, social, finding & giving info – I find it invaluable
    • Don’t know
    • I’d rather not!
    • I don’t know, but I will be interested in trying
    • Not sure!
    • I’d like to say yes!


Which of the following would be hardest to do without for a week?

  •  33% of respondents: Music
  •  23% of respondents: Coffee
  •  15% of respondents: Chocolate
  • 15% of respondents: Social media
  •  10% of respondents: Tea
  •  2% of respondents: Exercise
  •  2% of respondents selected “Other”. One person wrote, “Ability to speak to husband and kids”.

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