Brain Breaks 1.2

When you need a brief change of scenery from your day …

… feel free to turn to any of my Real Moments’ Brain Breaks. As mentioned in my introductory Brain Breaks post last week, these brief and electronic brain breaks reflect the world around us. If you’re in the midst of a demanding day, they’re a means of taking a brief pause to recharge and refresh.

Here are some more for this week and, if you’d like more before next week’s post, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here.

Back in the rose garden: an early summer’s eve at Van Dusen Botanical Garden

Boats on English Bay: On my way back from an early morning visit to a heron colony, I stopped at Sunset Beach to catch a bit of activity on the water.

Spring Time at Okanagan Lavender Farm: This is from a recent trip to Kelowna. While the lavender wasn’t yet in bloom, the setting is still lovely … and will smell spectacular in a few short weeks!

Strolling Ducks: Watch how this mum guides her two down (forgive me!) the garden path and into the pond …

Up close with the digitalis: If you like purples, you’ll like this one

Early summer in Vancouver: These flowers are from one of two pink dogwood trees overlooking Kitsilano Swimming Pool and Beach

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