Brain Breaks 2.2

When you need a brief change of scenery from your day …

… feel free to turn to any of my Real Moments’ Brain Breaks. As mentioned in my introductory Brain Breaks post, these brief and electronic brain breaks reflect the world around us. If you’re in the midst of a demanding day, they’re a means of taking a brief pause to recharge and refresh.

Here are some more for this week  If you’d like more before next week’s post, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here.

Roundabout Garden by Kits Beach: The early evening sun was shining down on this roundabout garden just a block from Kits Beach the other night. This is one of a number of Green Streets gardens, which are planted on roundabout traffic circles or a corner bulge (intended to calm traffic), which volunteers maintain in their neighbourhoods.

On the Waterfront: This is a look at Vancouver’s Point Grey neighbourhood.

Hoop Dancing at the Canadian Museum of History – Ottawa, Canada: We were at the Canadian Museum of History in our nation’s capital city this Spring, and this was one impressive dance.

The Pollinator: Bee in Cornflowers – I came across this gorgeous stretch of cornflowers (bachelor’s buttons/centaurea) the other day, and the bees were in their glory.

Chickens in the Neighbourhood: These are some pretty lucky chickens, and not your everyday breed, either. Living in the side garden of some prime Vancouver real estate, these are Light Sussex and Aracuna chickens.

In the Garden: Here’s a bit of a cottage garden, a little on the wild side.



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