Weekend Poll: Your Packing Habits for Conference Travel

These next couple of weeks will feature two impressive international conferences, on different continents, for admin. professionals.

Executive Secretary LIVE – Auckland; July 14 and 15

Lucy Brazier’s Executive Secretary LIVE – Auckland gets underway July 14. Lucy’s stellar team and a group of outstanding speakers have been flying in from countries as diverse as England, New Zealand, South Africa and the UAE as well as Uganda and the USA. These high caliber speakers and trainers offer both soft and hard skill training to support professional success. With participants from a number of countries, the event is also, of course, a great networking opportunity and one that enhances professional pride.

IAAP Summit 2017 – July 22 to 25 in New Orleans 

Just one week later, more than a thousand admin. professionals will be gathering in Louisiana, New Orleans to participate in IAAP Summit 2017, hosted by the International Association of Administrative Professionals. There, I’ll be joining other well known trainers – including Lucy and some of the LIVE – Auckland speakers – in presenting to yet another international audience of dedicated and talented admin. professionals. Summit is another conference designed to provide pragmatic and inspiring education that people can take back and incorporate in their professional lives.

All this travel talk leads us to this weekend’s question:

When you travel, are you a minimalist – or do you wind up bringing half your closet?

If you’re reading this from Auckland, it’s a perfect opportunity to share word of this latest Weekend Poll with the admin. professionals you meet there.

Please take a couple of minutes to complete the poll below, and I’ll publish results next Tuesday. “Select” whichever responses apply, and remember to CLICK on the “VOTE” ICON AFTER EACH QUESTION. 

6 Comments on “Weekend Poll: Your Packing Habits for Conference Travel

  1. Thanks for being so awesome! Looking forward to meeting you in NOLA🌟🌹

    • Aw, thanks, Cathy! I’ll look forward to meeting you in the Big Easy, as well … and watch here for an article with a packing checklist and ideas for the flight(s) to NOLA. See you soon.

  2. For a bigger events (2 days or more) I’ve created a clothing spreadsheet so I know exactly what I’m wearing on which days and if and where I can repeat an outfit during the trip. It helps me think through what I’m going to wear for each event, and know exactly what to pack. Then while I’m gone I cross through or highlight the cells of the outfits that I did wear. So then for future trips I can see what’s more reasonable for packing so that I only pack what I need instead of having a lot of extra things that I don’t need. 😉

    I also have a four page checklist/worksheet for regular trips (2 days or less) to plan out my outfits and make sure I have all the toiletries and speaking items that I need for domestic and international events.

    It’s part of my travel system, and it rarely fails me.

    • That’s a great system, Julie – and illustrative of why admin. professionals read your book and look to you for advice on systems. It’s really just one more procedure, isn’t it?

      I have more on packing and conference travel in an article you’ll see appearing here in about five hours.

      All the best for Exec Secretary LIVE in Auckland!

  3. i find that less is more & coordinating is key. Of course, the IAAP Summit17 hotels has irons & concierge services.Being in a city, there is also shopping for anything forgotten or just begging to come home with me..an empty tote is a requirement for purchases. Also, don’t forget a shipping label to send things home!

    • All good points, Elizabeth … and love the notion of wondering just what items will soon be begging to go home with you. See you in New Orleans!

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