Brain Breaks 2.4

Shelagh on a Hot Tin Roof – Thursday Night in New Orleans: All right, this isn’t one of my quieter clips. Enjoy this look at Hot Tin Roof, a popular night spot in New Orleans.

Southern Charm in the Garden District: Here’s a look at some of the homes you’ll see walking through the Garden District.

More Garden District Homes in New Orleans:Just because.

Summer Evening Stroll: Enjoy the birdsong, on an evening’s walk in Vancouver.

Lil Wayne – Inside the Ponchartrain Hotel: Have I mentioned I love older hotels? Soak up the character in Ponchartrain Hotel, where I recently stayed.

Coliseum and Second – More of New Orleans’ Garden District: More for the lovers of architecture/southern charm.

When you need a brief change of scenery from your day …

… feel free to turn to any of my Real Moments’ Brain Breaks. As mentioned in my introductory Brain Breaks post, these brief and electronic brain breaks reflect the world around us. If you’re in the midst of a demanding day, they’re a means of taking a brief pause to recharge and refresh.

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