12 Days of … Real Careers!

… and a challenge to all my readers

Happy December, everyone! Is anyone else expecting their social life and the frequency of  their shopping trips to ramp up a bit over the next three weeks?

While not all readers celebrate the occasion, many of you will be familiar with the English Christmas carol, The Twelve Days of Christmas. Can you imagine hunting down all those gifts?


At what cost? Believe it or not, a US bank costs out the fiscal impact of funding a theoretical Twelve Days of Christmas gift giving. For the last 30 years, Pennsylvania-based PNC has published a Christmas Price Index. In 2017, the cost to acquire all these gifts is estimated at $34,558.65 US.


My “something nice” suggestion for the next 12 business days: The people who turn to Exceptional EA are part of a global community. Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, I’d like to encourage you to take two or three minutes out of the next 12 business days to do something nice for the people you admire as fellow professionals.
If you’re a LinkedIn user, it takes almost no time to log on and enter the name of a connection. Take a look at the skills featured on that connection’s profile, and choose a couple you can endorse.  Spend just a small bit of time doing this on each of the next 12 business days, and you’ll not only be signalling your professional respect, you’ll be adding something tangible to these individuals’ professional portfolios.


#12DaysOfAdminProfessionals: How do you like that hashtag? If you’re not big on the LinkedIn approach, you could spend a bit of time on Twitter and use the hashtag #12DaysOfAdminProfessionals to tag and honour the peers you admire. With the Twitter character limit now up to 240, you can generate a lot of goodwill with any given tweet encompassing a few members of your formal or informal networks.


Five minutes out of a busy day … can generate a lovely little buzz around the globe as we let one another know we recognise their talents, or that we value their contributions and think highly of them. If you’re wary of social media, pick up a phone or drop an email to communicate your goodwill. Are you with me?


I’ll Be Featuring 12 Days of Real Careers: With my Real Careers series, I’ve already interviewed admin. professionals from 23 different countries. This is an impressive group of people, and we can all learn from one another.

With that in mind, I’ll be featuring quotes from a dozen or so people over each of the next 12 business days, starting tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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  1. Dear Shelagh, what a wonderful idea. Yesterday I was thinking about our community and the way we collaborate – and when I think about lifting up others, elevating, empowering and promoting all of us consistently, you are the person that comes to my mind. THANK YOU!

    • You’re very welcome, dear Paula! I’m glad you like the idea, and appreciate your kind words.

      I began this afternoon by endorsing a few dozen of my LinkedIn connections, and strongly believe in empowering one another and acknowledging skills and strengths.

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